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StMortiel: Duncan Blaire by AngeltheDeranged StMortiel: Duncan Blaire by AngeltheDeranged
EDIT 4/27/14: Changed the app art by lengthening his arms some because he does have arms! They weren't shown in the original and they were also too stubby for long sleeves, but I didn't wanna get rid of his jacket since it's more prep that way LOL. Also got rid of his little vestigal legs, but he's still recognizable as a Seviper and much easier to draw now.


I can't stare at this any longer please just take it

ALSO LMFAO I JUST REALIZED I WROTE THE POKEMON/SPECIES NUMBER OUT OF ORDER OH WELL. If that's a problem I can change that but right now I'm not about that since I have to go to sleep so!!

For :iconstmortiel:
Bullet; RedName: Duncan Elias Blaire.

Bullet; BlackAge/Birthday: 
17 years old; born December 2nd, 1996.

Bullet; RedGender: 
Designated male at birth, identifies as male; cisgender male.

Bullet; BlackPokémon (#---):
 Seviper (#336).

Bullet; RedAbility: Shed Skin.

Bullet; BlackNature/Summary Characteristic: Impish/Somewhat vain.

Bullet; RedHeight: 
6'08''/207.26 cm.

Bullet; BlackWeight:
 248 lbs/112.50 kg.

Bullet; RedType 1: 

Bullet; BlackType 2:

Bullet; RedHometown:
 Verdanturf Town, Hoenn.

Bullet; BlackPersonality: |Cunning| ♠ |Charismatic| ♠ |Perseverant| ♠ |Enigmatic| ♠ |Arrogant| ♠ | Fickle| ♠ |Opportunistic|

Duncan is a mysterious guy whose actions can’t be easily predicted. He’s capable of being civil with others; in fact, he’s actually a rather social, intellectual fellow who enjoys conversing with his fellow classmates. Thanks to his knowledgeability and influential charm, he’s easily able to win people over. Despite his ability to hold himself in a professional manner and conduct mature conversations, he’s got a mischievous streak to him and tends to give into impulse rather easily. Because of this, he enjoys frivolous pursuits of vanity, material gain, and popularity.

Even with wavering interest in most things, he always likes to be in power and he won’t stand for someone challenging his authority. Arceus help you if he perceives you to be challenging him and/or senses your fear, since the unpredictability of his actions increases tenfold when angered and in turn becomes unstable. Let’s be clear, though: he’s hardly a villain. Perhaps a jealous child would be a better way to describe him. Just don’t call him that or else you’ll need to sleep with the lights on.

Bullet; RedHistory: 
Duncan was born into an extremely wealthy, old money Seviper family as the younger of two children. His parents leapt into overdrive upon the announcement of his conception; considering that they already had a young daughter at home and were the type of family who yearned for a traditional "two children, one boy, one girl" model of household, the arrival of a baby boy was very welcome news. They expected his birth to be sometime in early 1997--after all, that's what the doctors told them--but alas, Duncan proved to be unpredictable right out of the gate by shaking up the original plans.

For one, Duncan was a temperamental young fool even in the womb, and he gave his mother an incredibly hard time while she was carrying him. Such pain and stress took such a toll on her that doctors suggested he be delivered early, lest he cause enough complications to prove fatal. His mother agreed since she wasn't sure she would be able to wait out the full term, she didn't want to die and leave her husband a widower and daughter motherless, and since her son seemed ready to come right now, she figured it'd be best for him as well. So on December 2nd, 1996, some weeks to a month before he was scheduled to arrive, a young Duncan Elias Blaire was born. Yet even though his mother was safe and the induced labor went smoothly, Duncan himself presented a problem to the hospital staff.

Since his birth was so early, he hadn't quite grown to full length, so his small frame left him much more fragile than the average baby. Because of this, he needed time to grow and develop a stronger immune system. So he spent the first week or so of his life at the hospital with his mother, who hoped that after this final trial, the journey would be over. For the most part, it was, yet the doctors warned that although Duncan had developed some strength, his health would always be something he needed to watch carefully. His parents, especially his mother, interpreted this as: "Protect our young son at all costs."

So as a young child, the house staff would constantly check up on Duncan and fuss over him to see if he was ok, which was approved by his parents despite his frustration over his condition. He tried to be compliant, he really did--and in fact, during the first few years of his life, he was--but as he grew older and more aware of why he HAD to have everyone monitor him and keep track of his every action, he grew resentful and self-loathing. Why should HE be the one to have a weak constitution, when there was a whole world out there waiting for him to explore and he had the resources to go explore it? Why couldn't HE be the one to take risks and have fun? Why did it always have to be his sister, Morgana, to take on challenges for him when he felt--no, KNEW--he was perfectly capable of completing them despite insistence from all sides that no, he wouldn't be?

To add insult to the injury, his older sister was a much more introspective soul than he was, and frankly, would have preferred to keep a lower profile. Yet thanks to her status as the older sibling and the healthier, more fit of the two, their parents forced her to make decisions on his behalf and they bestowed more knowledge of their family business and relations onto her than Duncan. After learning of all this from his sister, his frustration also began to extend to feelings of uselessness. After all, wasn't he a Blaire, too, a member of a famed family nearly to a point of aristocracy? So then why wasn't he allowed to learn the tools of the trade and become just as great a spokesperson as his sister was?

To deal with these feelings of inadequecy, he began to act out. They were little acts of rebellion to start out with: all those fancy ettiquette lessons his parents spent a pretty penny on? He started to disregard proper manners and did what he pleased. His clean, youthful look was destroyed when he went out and got his very first piercing. He began to align himself with classmates and neighborhood kids who lived on the edge and took thrill in playing tricks on others. He was always a mischievous little boy, but now he began to deliberately play into the act of a no good kid. It wasn't really a huge thing when his immune system wasn't acting up, in fact, he only really employed his persona when he WAS sick but still well enough to express annoyance at being constantly fussed over. Call it a "layer of defense" he used to shield himself from both his feelings of weakness and--in his mind--proof that weakness existed thanks to the overwhelming response he would receive just by even coughing or sniffling. By demonstrating dominance in the form of displaying/weaponizing his superior wit, charisma, charm, taste, etc., he was able to empower himself greatly.

In order to prove to his parents that he wasn't just the hospital patient they made him out to be, he vowed to do his very best in school. He definitely succeeded, scoring the highest marks in the grade when he was at school and even in comparison to his sister, whom his parents regarded as somehow much more competent regardless of his grades over hers. Yet he still ran into problems concerning his poor health, which resulted in many days missed from school due to doctors' visits, doctors' tests, or just plain old sick days needed for the sake of his wellbeing. Add that with the attitude he gained whenever he was sick, and...poor Duncan had to deal with his teachers often writing home about him and received more than a few retention warnings, despite his ability. One year, his fourth year of elementary school, is when it finally happened and he was forced to repeat.

Since about the ages of ten or eleven or so, or the year where he was made to repeat, he had done much better healthwise. In fact, up until his tenth year of school, things seemed to be steadily improving. But it still appeared to be a problem, especially during high stress times of the year, and during his fateful tenth year of school, he suffered one of the worst ill episodes of his life. This incident caused his parents to question whether or not sending him to a day school out in Petalburg City was really the best option for him. Yet it was one of the best schools in the region, and the other options of LaRousse, Mauville, Lilycove, etc., weren't viable options either.

So, with much deliberating, the Blaires finally decided on enrolling Duncan into St. Mortiel. This way, Duncan wouldn't be in danger of missing as much due of the fact that he'd be living at school, and he'd also have some contact with other students his age that he wouldn't get if he were to be homeschooled. Plus, for someone like Duncan, where his environment could be a huge factor in whether or not he'd excell, they felt that a top tier academy filled with other likeminded students would be key to his success.

Duncan packed his bags and said his goodbyes(but not before booby-trapping his sister's entire bedroom just for kicks), and thus began his journey into a new school filled with opportunity.

TL;DR: Duncan's health has basically caused most, if not all, of his problems. It's the reason he acts like such a despicable being, it's the reason why he had to repeat a grade, and it's the reason why he inwardly resents his special schooling situation so much. He'd never dream of even vaguely hinting at these innermost thoughts and feelings, though; He's too 2k00l4sk00l, remember?

Bullet; Black 
Level: Level 38.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Wrap
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swagger
:icondarktypeplz: Bite
:iconghosttypeplz: Lick
:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Tail
:iconnormaltypeplz: Screech
:iconpoisontypeplz: Venoshock
:iconnormaltypeplz: Glare
:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Fang
:iconpoisontypeplz: Venom Drench
:icondarktypeplz:Night Slash
:iconpoisontypeplz: Gastro Acid
:iconicetypeplz: Haze

Bullet; Red TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves:
:iconpsychictypeplz: Rest
:iconnormaltypeplz: Protect

Bullet; BlackSchool Schedule (Grade 4):

-Physics II
-French IV
-Introduction to Journalism
-P. E & Health IV
-Introduction to Business
-Religious Studies

Bullet; RedExtra Curricular Activities: 
Speech and Debate club- Duncan was gifted with a silver tongue, a quick, sharp wit, and holds a plethora of opinions; what better way to use them all than by joining a club dedicated solely to exploring and expanding those gifts?

Bullet; BlackExtras/Fun Facts:

-He's a bodymod enthusiast and has brow piercings, various tongue piercings, and a septum piercing. He's thinking of piercing his tail.
-Although he is 6'08'', that's the length from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He often appears about 5'08''-5'09'' when sitting upright.
-Even at his full length, he's still remarkably small in comparison to other Seviper.
-He's an extremely picky eater due to the fact that his digestive system is also easily affected. It's a sensitive point for him, though; tread with caution!
-Why didn't Duncan attend school in Mauville if it were closer than Petalburg? Simple: His parents believe that Mauville City is a dirty city due to the fact that it has a Game Corner that tends to attract unsavory folk, and the air quality there in comparison to Verdanturf is notable. They're also just pretentious.
-As for LaRousse and Lilycove, the distance would prove to be too much a hassle and no one was up to make the commute everyday.
-Golf is his main sport and the way he keeps fit. Bruh will birdie you so hard that you'll automatically double bogey.
-He is asexual and aromantic, meaning he experiences no romantic or sexual attraction. Like who even has time? Not him.
-He's pretty resourceful even without fingers or opposable thumbs. If his arms can't give him a firm grip his tail sure will.
-Finally, even if he's had some hardships in the past, it still doesn't excuse him being a jerk. He's not a warm and friendly guy, lol.
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tylertheslyler101 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Tied the sleeves behind his back, how did he do it?!
AngeltheDeranged Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student General Artist
With his tail! Says so in his extras/fun facts.
Greyninjear Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He's a rebellious teenager with like 10 piercings Josh friend I love him.
I love the detail of the history, you knew exactly what to put to express his life. His personality also corresponds with it perfectly, showing exactly how he acts the way he does.
I also like how you express "yeah he's a jerk don't forgive him for it."
Josie's going to be his teacher on how not to be a giant jerk to everyone and it'll either end perfectly or in tears. (I also like how they're the same height when he's sitting upright she's not gonna let that go.)
Good luck!! I'm sure you'll get in, though~
AngeltheDeranged Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Seriously, this brings me a lot of comfort and relief!! I spent quite a bit of time on his history and I'm still not even sure if it makes that much sense. Sure he's not a perfect character, but I hope that his flaws don't drastically outnumber his good points, or vice versa~.

DUNCAN IS A HUGE JERK. HE'LL BE CIVIL WHERE IT'S CALLED FOR BUT ON THE WHOLE IT'S VERY HARD TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE'S UP TO LOL. And yes Josie much teacher him and I'll be so happy regardless if it ends up perfectly or in tears. THE QUESTION IS WHO'S GONNA CRY FIRST. //Haha yes babs is a shorty, and he's even more so when he's slithering around and such!!

Ah, thanks so much for all this! I'M SURE YOU'LL GET IN TOO THOUGH BC JOSIE'S GREAT. <<3333 Thanks again friend!!
Greyninjear Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It seems pretty balanced and well thought out to me! The history makes perfect sense, getting all major points across.

GOOD. JERKS ARE GOOD. VERY GOOD. HE'S A SLY SNAKE, EH? Josie might rage quit before ending up in tears but she'll push through because lizard lady is persistent. SHORT BABY IS A GOOD BABY.

Not a problem again! I REALLY HOPE SO AHH, CHEERS TO US BOTH <33
AngeltheDeranged Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah, thanks so much for that then. You give me hope, bab. ;;w;;


Greyninjear Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem. I'M HERE TO PLEASE. 

Yes they are. Hehehe, maybe, we'll see has she deals. JOSIE IS VERY LOVED THEN. I can certainly try oh gosh. FOREVER SHORT unless she evolves then she may be slightly taller.

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